Accommodating foreign language

It is important to remember that it is not just the task of the s.

Teachers need to model academic English with clear pronunciation and diction.

In 5 minutes, each presenter will have an opportunity to share effective and efficient teaching strategies and quick tips for managing different language levels in the classroom through a classroom actvity which they have developed.

Some of these techniques, such as paired and cooperative learning and hands-on instruction, are ways of differentiating instruction that help meet the needs of a variety of learners.

Good teaching in all subject areas is employing basic techniques that assist all students in learning.

There is no doubt that instructional delivery becomes more of a challenge when there are students whose native language is not English.

Perhaps you’ve needed Google Translate to shift a body of text into your language (hey, it might work).

Although not all accommodations or techniques will work for every individual, below are some time-tested recommendations.Deaf people sign and fingerspell at a certain pace.A "receptive ASL fluency" test is designed to determine if a student can recognize and process the meaning of a series of signs at a certain pace.And when ten or more languages and nationalities may be represented in the same classroom, the problem is compounded.Nevertheless, even with a minimum of instructional delivery modifications, English language learners () students.