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Pair with a glass of the sparkling for optimal enjoyment. The husband-and-wife duo behind Trummer's are heavy hitters in the dining scene, which is why it’s no surprise that their dishes and cocktails reflect a high level of passion and commitment -- including bringing on board executive chef Clayton Miller, who once cooked at The French Laundry.

Located less than an hour away from the city, Trummer’s on Main is a gorgeous farmhouse with exposed hardwood beams and large windows, which allows plenty of sunlight to filter in. Framed like a colonial-era tavern, Jackson 20 focuses on American cuisine with a Southern twist -- so order down-home brunch standards like biscuits and gravy, or the Southernized version of a BLT, which adds over easy eggs and fried green tomatoes.

Jonathan tells us that "the average float is designed to last two hours," so it's impressive that any of these exhibits, some dating back to the Bicentennial, have survived.

The materials that they're made of -- paper, wood, glue, straw, corn husks -- mean that they're not only fragile, but combustible.

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Hargrove bought Shenandoah Caverns, which is just up the road, with the intent of eventually moving his collection to the above-ground property. According to Proctor, the 40,000 square feet here is nothing; Hargrove has a former Volkswagen parts warehouse in Maryland, packed with stuff, that covers 6.5 acres.

Jonathan, our tour guide, tells us that the purpose of the museum is "so the average American can see floats up close, the way they were meant to be seen." There certainly is enough here to grab the eye: giant ducks, a huge puppy in a wagon, a 21-foot-long roller blade, a 35-foot-long car, the upper body of a genie that alone is 30 feet high.

It's only when you return to the lobby that you realize that you missed a titanic harlequin, strumming a banjo, sitting atop the ticket counter.In 1920, Virginia's General Assembly voted to incorporate what had been Alexandria County as Arlington County to minimize confusion.Map of Alexandria County (1878), including what is now Arlington County and the City of Alexandria. Many of these spots pay homage to traditional Southern fare with new takes on the classics, and others take advantage of our proximity to the bounties of the Chesapeake, focusing on fresh, local seafood. However, the restaurant scene in Arlington, Alexandria, and other surrounding suburban areas is also pretty remarkable -- Northern Virginia has a delicious and diverse food scene.