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Then there was Bronco for two years, Pony after that for 13-14 years olds, and then the Colt Division, and American Legion Post 1 Baseball entered into the equation once a local, Ohio County ballplayer turned 15.And that was, of course, four decades ago, and since then youth baseball has added some changes, including new divisions to involve 4-year-old boys and girls, participation trophies, mercy rules, and more in-game, player-with-coach counseling than ever allowed before.

Nickell is Senior Research Fellow for the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (CSI) and writes regularly for their journal, the Skeptical Inquirer.Phyllis and Christine (Hershey) Annotto were married June 26, 2014, on the beach in Ocean City, Maryland.Phyllis’s daughter Kirsten and her nephew Anthony stood by their side as they exchanged vows. Joel Diaz and Craig Scheidler were engaged on April 10, 2014.That assertion troubles me because I belong to this demographic club.And so I decided to examine the spiritual lives of the millennial generation.