Amber dating hyuna

BBBUUUUTTTTT (tehehe) your best friends are the memebers of SHINee.

You are a doctor that went to Harvard in America ( 3rd smartest school iin world OOHHH fancy ;]!! Every guy in kpop has a crush on you ( you're so hot you won a award for being Key is suffocated and broken inside with the unrequited love for his best friend Jjong.

He keeps quiet and tries to hide his feelings as he never would want to ruin Jjong's happy life.

When Jjong starts dating Sekyung, Key becomes shattered again until Minho barges in to his life as more than just a friend.

Kim Hyuna is a South Korean Model, singer, songwriter and rapper.

She was born on June 6, 1992 She is the main singer and rapper of the group 4Miniute.

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Nos Hemos Casado es un popular reality show surcoreano de la MBC que empezó a emitirse en el 2008.Just when he thought he'd found a temporary place to soothe his misery, he found another soul who enjoy You lucky girl do you know how famous you are in this FF.You are a SUPER FAMOUS kpop idol who is every kpop idols friend.Kim Hyun A dies in front of her classmates by jumping off the school's rooftop. , I hope it's not too annoying for all of you but it really inspires me so much haha This time it's no Xiuhan (absolutely not Xiuhan, it happens once a year please read it for luck) but Jongkey, as my friends ask me to, i hope you'll enjoy it :) Sometimes, the hardest thing is to find our place in this world. Lee Taemin, a teenage student who was forced to accept the painful reality, more than he could imagine at such a young age.As Jiyoon tries to find out the reason behind the shocking suicide, an unknown person started to give her clues to find out the truth. He is a keeper, a loner who chose to make everybody stay away from him. It's only between him and the people who put him in this situation.