Aquarius woman and gemini man dating

We have had a few blips along this road – stemming from my insecurities and his guilt – but we love each other and want to get past this dark time in our lives. I feel like we are strong and solid, otherwise I wouldn’t have said yes. Slow way, way, down and I don’t mean this in a way that is condescending.

However, like any human, there is a little doubt in the back of my mind — wondering of the past. And I don’t mean it as if “she’s going to grow up or out of this…

They both are intellectual and love to engage in conversations which are meaningful.

Holding each other's hands they will explore new vistas and find each other's company very thrilling.

You were probably fascinated by Aquarius' rebellious and unconventional style, by the courage with which Aquarius tells things as they are, the way (s)he handles a conversation even if there are 20 other people in the room.

Maybe Aquarius seems cold and detached to you - (s)he often leaves that impression - but once you have reached his/her soul, you'll see the way the zodiac's innovator knows how to love.

Both like to go their own way a lot, so neither will take it personally.It's a meeting of two bright minds, and that's where the seeds of love begin.Nothing is taboo for Aquarius, and Gemini is flexible enough to try anything once!Gemini-Aquarius Compatibility Astrologically speaking, in this love match an Aquarian is fond of a Gemini's sense of humor.The compatibility of this relationship is strengthened by their similar outlook in life.