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As the old saying goes: rules are meant to be broken.

I believe that no corporation or human is perfect and we are all prone to making mistakes.

But the truth is that people speak many variants of the common tongues, right across the country.

Ashkenazi Jews, primarily from Latin America but also of European origin are also present in Spain.

In generally describing Tyre's empire from west to east, Tarshish is listed first (Ezekiel 27.12–14), and in Jonah 1.3 it is the place to which Jonah sought to flee from the Lord; evidently it represents the westernmost place to which one could sail. One might speculate that commerce conducted by Jewish emissaries, merchants, craftsmen, or other tradesmen among the Semitic Tyrean Phoenicians might have brought them to Tarshish.

And they can hardly understand what they're saying.

They don't, for example, understand when a mother says, "Little Jason here spilled Vi-Co all over his bunnyhug."That means that her son spilled chocolate milk all over his hooded sweatshirt.