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humans are more fearfully and more wonderfully made than others.

All races of humanity are created in God’s image (Gen. Thus, the mixture of various human blood is not prohibited by God.

There are many Scriptures used by those against interracial marriage (such as Genesis 6:2-3; Exodus -16; Joshua -13; Judges 3:6-7; 1Kings 11:2; Ezra 9:1-2; Nehemiah -27).

The problem is that all of these Scriptures come from the Old Testament as God commanded Israel to be a nation set apart from other nations.

After a week of bad press, the church did reverse itself, but the damage was done.

However, 16 percent of white evangelicals said this, more than twice the opposition found among other Americans (7 percent).Pew's February Political Typology Poll asked people about recent trends in American society.Pew asked if "more people of different races marrying each other" was good or bad society.In other words, God doesn’t care if different races intermarry.However, He does care if Christians intermarry with non-Christians.