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At the time he said the decision was made in order to focus on the bank’s footprint and core growth in what they described as key markets in the UK, Switzerland, Middle East, Russia/Commonwealth of Independent States and selected countries in Asia.The Cayman Island “trust book” was sold to Appleby Trust (Cayman) and will operate from Appleby’s Cayman office.“As a result, other long term liabilities, personnel cost and other comprehensive gain/loss are understated for the current and past service costs relating to the Authority’s post-retirement healthcare plan.In addition, the financial statements omit the required disclosures in accordance with IAS-19R-Employee benefits,” Mr Harrison stated.In the last half of the 1800s, 150,000 Chinese workers were brought to Cuba. Some speculate that this box was invented by them in Cuba. At least three former employees of Coutts & Co, the private banking arm of Royal Bank of Scotland, who lost their jobs due to a restructuring exercise that saw Coutts reduce its global footprint in 100 countries, including Cayman, have filed suit of wrongful dismissal on the grounds of redundancy.

However, the laws have been relaxed for Cuban-Americans.

Mr Harrison, in the Auditor General’s report for the year ended 30 June, 2015, gave a qualified opinion in his report on the Government authority over the issue contained in the Cayman Maritime Annual report laid in the Legislative Assembly during its last session.

According to its financial statement in the report at present MACI’s revenues stand at .837 million.

This is a misnomer, because the device is actually Cuban, dating back to at least the 1800.s It is a wooden box, lined with metal (usually aluminum.) The food to be cooked in placed inside the box. The boxes are large, about the size of a blanket chest, and certainly large enough to roast a whole pig in. A medium-sized one can hold a 70 pound (31 kg) pig; the large one can hold a 100 pound (45 kg) pig.

The cooking of the food inside is achieved by radiant heat, as an oven does.