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Can you guess where you shouldn't buy that type of food from? Just as Tina and Tommy realized they could plug in more than one thing in their bedroom, they also have come to the conclusion that they can buy more than one clock. AND even more unsolicited callers weigh in on the personality battle. A lot people have opinions on their dog food like they know what their dog can taste, thankfully one guy dove in for the rest of us and taste tested different dog foods. Plus, single dad, Tom takes his son to the mall and gets some alarming looks. A "You Know" champ comes to us from the least expected place AND it seems like the Personality Championship can be put to rest. The inimitable Yoshi joins us for some hilarious and often jaw-dropping conversations. Plus, never before heard audio of your two favorite mom's making love. We have Master Of Accents, a man throwing up that REALLY upsets Tina and Top Dog and Charo on the phone. Plus Tina gets grossed out by a gagging video and we have some new really boring stuff to play for you. This is the second live podcast we did on this evening at The Irvine Improv. If you're a lady and you're having trouble getting pregnant or perhaps you want some more excitement in bed, there has been a new development that is changing lives - LEECHES. Not everyone can read the future by touching their worn panties, but this is Your Mom's House and we found someone that can. We welcome all our witches and wiccans to approach this episode with caution as we delve into a dangerous spell. Tommy has a pretty strong argument for Tina being a closet snob. AND our cars both have smelly AC's - what's the deal? Jean and Tom break down their one night getaway and how Tom's browns have changed for the better since he cut sugar (mostly). We are more than honored that the President spoke our name. How much sausage do you need to feed your whole family? You guessed it, Top Dog is in the building and he brought his Peruvian princess with him. He even answers the question: Would you date your mom? Nothing like the police scaring you as you literally swim with sharks.

In 2008, she was the Republican nominee, losing to the incumbent (also running as the Democratic VP nominee), Joe Biden, by 65% to 35%.He was awarded an honorary degree from the University of Winchester in 2007, and was made a Freeman of the City of London in 2012.He has campaigned for the rights of indigenous tribal peoples, and is a member of Survival International.Identified in the late 1980s with the "Brit Pack" of rising, young British actors, it was not until Firth's portrayal of Mr.Darcy in the 1995 television adaptation of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice that he received more widespread attention.