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Goode may be fat, fifty, and menopausal, but that doesn’t stop her from finding humor in life’s imperfections.

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What kind of child were you, and how did it shape you as a writer? They all take place in the Baltimore area, though I should say that it is a Baltimore of the mind.

Then I wrote it and was pretty sure it wasn’t very good. The novel, Girl Talk, went to auction, and sold to Simon and Schuster who would go on to publish my next two novels. I had always daydreamed a lot and forgotten things, but that moment with the duck was the first time I remember engaging in self-reflection about it. I think becoming a writer was a decision to lean into that instead of fighting it.

So I called up my MFA alma mater, UNC-Greensboro, and asked them who, of the current crop of MFA students, was the best reader. I asked Kathy—a stranger to me at the time—if I could hire her to critique the manuscript. Kathy and I have stayed in touch and I’ve watched as her career has taken off. A collection of stories isn’t just an assortment of parts. What are some of the elements that make Get a Grip a whole, not just a sum?

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