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The pour-your-own-beer-straight-from-the-tap bar in Pacific Beach, the first of its kind in the entire country, features 44 local and international taps (as well as eight wines), and has become such a haven for beer aficionados in its two-year existence that Pike has already built a second location in Oceanside and is opening another in Carlsbad soon.

"Obviously, the two biggest things that make a good craft beer bar are selection and atmosphere.

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Romans 9:1-10:4: What do we make of Jewish rejection of the Messiah?

It’s one thing to have a bunch of beer on tap, but you also want the right vibe, you want people having a good time.

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" And once you determine what defines a craft beer bar, what are the qualities that make one truly great?

To help us perfect this fluid equation, we called up Dave Pike, the owner of Barrel Republic, one of the most popular craft beer bars in San Diego.

"You are very removed from it in Scotland," he says. Glasgow is certainly a place where they will tell you if they don't think you are anything special." Heughan laughs heartily.

"The show has been well received but it is always odd when people recognise you in America or at airports and come up to you. "So far people have been really delightful when they do recognise me." Gabaldon's Outlander novels started appearing in 1991 and the eight-book series has since sold more than 26 million copies.