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at the Central Library in the Burnham Hoyt Book Club Room, located on Floor 1 at the NE side of the library. This long-time book discussion group is led by Patty Lorie and Gracie Batt and is held every third Tuesday from 2 - p.m. Please call the Ross-Cherry Creek Branch Library for further information, 720-865-0120. *Please note that the book club will be presented at different locations and at different times for each title and discussion. Would you like to meet with other humans to talk about books? Please join us on the first Tuesday of every month from - 8 p.m. Titles for discussion include classics to new releases. The MYSTERY Book Club meets the fourth Thursday of each month, - 8 p.m. Contact Bobbi Jones at 720-865-0975 or [email protected] more information.The conversation doesn’t seem like a conversation with a child but the posing police officer somewhere in the conversation says he/she is 13 or 14 years old. Unless the person chatting is within 4 years of the age of 15, any sexual contact may be construed as sex assault.

With benefits like these, we could all stand to strengthen our neighborhood ties.

Often the fact that the poser is under the age of 15 is overlooked as the conversation proceeds at a very adult level.

Many adults are arrested by police when they attempt to meet the person who was posing as a minor.

We will be reading to raise our social consciousness; to exchange ideas, understandings, and experiences; and to discuss actions individuals and communities can take to address problems we are facing. Join us for refreshments, lively discussion, share your favorite titles and authors, and catch up on new releases and other MYSTERY news.

book discussion series provides a safe space to discuss some of the issues and movements of the day with respect and compassion.