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Some of the feeds have been left unlocked on purpose, like the public cameras that allow people to see the slope conditions at a ski resort near Banff. On Wednesday, CBC News tipped off the Cape Breton-Victoria School Board that its Panasonic HD security cameras were broadcasting faces of staff and students online.

Various wild reports were received, ranging from a multi-car pile up (there was only one car at the scene) to the car driving the wrong way in the tunnel (confusion as the French drive on the right and the car had flipped).While all this was going on, ITV were happily showing How events unfolded on screen and what was going on behind the scenes were entirely different.Aides at Manila airport with Foreign Secretary Robin Cook had briefed the press that Diana had died but placed an embargo on the news until an official announcement was made.“Dateline NBC” (9 p.m., NBC): In a two-hour installment, Princess Diana’s former bodyguard, Ken Wharfe, opens up about her decision to forgo security after divorcing Prince Charles.“There’s only one person that could – in my view – could have insisted that she retain her security, and that would have been the Queen,” Wharfe said.