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The meal I’d cook would be soul food (I grew up on it), consisting of chitlins, collard greens, cheese grits and candied yams.

Mother Angelica would understand this meal: She was raised around blacks and poor Italians in a tough Canton, Ohio, neighborhood.

“I was 14 and a half, and I wasn’t going to the Olympics to score the first perfect 10.

It just happened because I was prepared enough to do that,” Romania-born Comaneci told Us.

“I’m learning to not focus on being a perfectionist and I’m learning to just relax and not set these unrealistic expectations…

It’s been a struggle for me.” Dawes revealed that although she seemed calm and poised while performing on the world stage, she was battling self-doubt and was a pessimist, but knew how to “fake it til you make it.” Her teammates, fans and family kept her going though inside she was quite a “nervous Ninny,” she said.”It was calming myself, getting at peace, affirmations,” she said of what helped propel her to success when visualization techniques didn’t work. I called it D3: Determination, Dedication, Desire, so I would repeat these affirmations and even scriptures like Phillipians , ‘through all things God who strengthens me'” Dawes said.

After a pep talk from Comaneci, the first gymnast to score a perfect 10 at the Olympics in 1976, the unassuming editors hit the uneven bars.

Dawes was born Baptist but joined the faith of her late paternal grandmother who was a Piscataway tribe member, she told Arroyo.What happens when two nonathletic editors hit the gym with two Olympic legends?That’s exactly what Us Weekly decided to find out when video correspondent Christina Garibaldi and online style and beauty editor Sharon Tanenbaum had a playful (and sometimes painful) session at the 92nd Street Y in NYC with the iconic Dominique Dawes and Nadia Comaneci.You would have never known a low self-esteem was burgeoning for this Olympic gold-winning gymnast.Dominique Dawes was a champ, an icon, the first African American women to win an individual medal in gymnastics.