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This is the first article which will be part of a series of changes in Field API for Drupal 8: field formatters.In case there are updates to the API, we will update the articles, but also the change records on We provide pre-release warnings when we believe the security risk is high and the steps to exploit are scriptable.The Drupal security team can be reached at security at or via the contact form at https://Please set aside time on Wednesday to look into this update.Neither the Security Team, nor Security Team members, nor any Drupal-related company are able to release any more information about this vulnerability until the announcement is made in accordance with our security policies and responsible disclosure best practices.While we don't normally provide security releases for unsupported minor releases, given the potential severity of this issue, we have also provided an 8.2.x release to ensure that sites that have not had a chance to update to 8.3.0 can update safely.Hello, I have a big dating site with thousands of members and visitors each day. I need the basic features of a dating site : - Complete profile - complete search members (but age, but location, but different affinity, ..) - complete interaction between members (private messages, chat, comments on profiles, friends, ..) - blog/forum/ ..

Security release announcements will appear at the standard announcement locations.I installed drupal but to well do the things, I ask you to tell me how exactly to proceed to get this basic features, what modules to install, etc ..My site is in French language, mods should have this translation.I read some article online that when caching is enabled performance increases up to three times.2) There's an old saying that the best framework is no framework.