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Let‘s just see if I can’t find more willing partners for a conversation on Facebook.

My partner is constantly griping at me and is rarely interested in sex? According to researchers, here the allure is primarily found in three aspects of the cyber affair.

An internet addiction can develop similarly to other addictions in life and can be very serious.

An addiction to the internet isn’t defined by spending a certain number of hours online each week.

But that goes against everything I've been taught as a Christian. It's definitely something you should take seriously and deal with definitively.

It would appear this is new behavior for him and related to the birth of your baby.

A similar trend can be seen in Britain, where increasing numbers of people are seeking help to save their marriages from the lure of the Internet.

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This week I found out that my husband's having cybersex with other women.

Instead, it depends on problems that your online activity causes.

The internet becomes an addiction when it causes a problem in a person’s life and they continue with their behaviors.

Flirting exchanges, chat rooms, news groups, online role-playing, and social networks – wherever one looks, everywhere alternatives to vanilla sex at home.

It was never any easier to experience the security of a real relationship and the titillation of flirting and cheating at the same time.