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Yet despite this dumb-jockery, the Gears of War titles are works of genius.

Griffin, who is separated from his wife, is now going public with his new romance with a Florida State track star.But anyone who can stomach the superabundant carnage will find that Gears of War 3 is one of the most thoroughly, compulsively playable games ever made. As with the first two Gears titles, the plot of Gears of War 3's main campaign is either commendably straightforward or completely irrelevant, depending on how you look at it.Once again, you take the role of Marcus Fenix, a battle-scarred brick in human form who growls his way through post-apocalyptic environments alongside his band of bantering space marines.Halo and Call of Duty aren't known for their searing intellectualism either, but Gears of War wears its over-the-top silliness like a badge of honor.In Gears, linebacker-shaped space marines saw monsters in half with rifle-mounted chainsaws as blood spatters the screen like globs of strawberry jam, heads burst like watermelons when shot, and characters yell taunts like "Suck pavement! " Subtlety, Gears' designers seem to believe, is for n00bs.