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Kind regards, - Nonna & Michael (Germany) To The Fantastic People of My wife and I recently celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary and I thank you sincerely because it was through that I met my beautiful bride from Kyrgystan.

I can't empasize enough that is for real and extremely ethical and it is the primary reason I decided to stay with

They should be named and shamed."Susan Finch added: "Should have had bucket of cold water thrown on them."The couple stripped totally nude for the sex session and were filmed for nearly ten minutes from a man who witnessed the sordid carry-on from behind a fence.

In the video, which we have seen but are choosing not to publish it as it is too graphic, the man can be seen on top of the woman - who is seen puffing on a cigarette DURING intercourse before discarding the fag end into the undergrowth.

It has been a passionate three years with the love of my life Venera, and I can't express my appreciation enough for finding my happiness at, Thank you and godbless.

Our risk of being harmed by a terror attack is vanishingly small, yet the ‘safety check’ feature leads to unfounded panic and an over-inflated sense of danger.

And even Celebrity Big Brother winner and Geordie Shore star Scotty T joined in the discussion, tweeting a link to the story and posting: "Anyone know how to get to Doncaster realllll quick!

, which puts six naked people in carefully windowed chambers for the viewing pleasure of one individual, who chooses who stays and who goes based on what they like and dislike about their bits – or, sometimes, ‘stance’.

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She's suing VH1's parent company Viacom for million for allegedly leaving part of her body unblurred.Sadly, we will never know what Cilla Black would have made of it.But there’s really no avoiding the dispiriting conclusion that Channel 4’s latest reality show Naked Attraction, a nude and heavily sexualised version of Blind Date, the Saturday tea-time institution that dear old Cilla hosted for nearly 18 years, marks a spectacular new low for British television.Eventually there are just two contenders left, at which point the person choosing between them has to get naked as well before making their final choice.The eventual couple goes on a (fully clothed) date.