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‘But he realised it was never going to work with him spending so much time away from home.’ More: Lady Nadia Essex predicts that Joey Essex and Stephanie Pratt’s romance won’t last…Though they’ve previously been very open with their feelings about each other to the public, there were potential signs of trouble in paradise earlier this week, when 30-year-old Stephanie refused to answer any questions about her beau.But then I got to know her and I realised she's actually a proper nice girl," he said after leaving the show.

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News of the romance won't come as a big surprise to the reality show's viewers, who spent weeks watching the pair cosying up in the jungle.

Since then, Joey, 23, has shared a photo of himself and Amy sitting down to a feast of pizza and chips at the Palazzo Versace Hotel, and sunbathing together, captioned, "Chilling by the pool.

Versace Versace Versace." He has even introduced 21-year-old Amy to his father Donald, who was initially convinced Joey would reconcile with his ex-fiancée Sam Faiers.

sofa last week after we found out that Joey has been staying over at Stephanie's house in Chelsea, that he's bought her a puppy (named Charlie) AND that they're planning to have Christmas together in LA so he can meet her fam. Most of the words she says, I'm like 'what?

magazine, our biggest worry about the blossoming romance is communication. '" Steph commented: "I'm not even going to understand him. " However, Mr Essex went on to melt our hearts, telling us: "I just think there might be a connection with Steph." AWW.