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Just when the other team members including Gym Raghu and Nayana Krishna got the news that their team members have been arrested under the black mailing case, they have been absconding.The Police are on the look out of Nayana and Gym Raghu.A Kannada film producer named Viresh [Veeresh] has been arrested by the Bengaluru city police on charges that he tried to molest a girl on the pretext of offering her a role in a film. Man held for molesting 3-year-old girl was tormentor of many other students According to the police complaint registered on behalf of the girl, Viresh had called her to his residence recently to discuss a film role.She not only managed to escape his clutches, but also got him beaten up by her parents. However, as they were talking, he tried to force himself on her.Dr Chandra Gupt, Ramanagara Superintendent of Police, said: “The rescue operations are still going on.“We will be booking a case of negligence against those responsible and also inquire into all aspects of the case.”The action movie is reportedly based around the life of Vijay.It is part of southern India’s “Kannada” film industry and is one of more than 100 produced every year in the country.

“I didn’t know English and he didn’t know Kannada, but language wasn’t a barrier and our friendship grew,” said Gowda to Times of India. I was not interested in working as a security guard anymore, so I decided to return to my village and find work there.” But, fate had different plans.

The place where the actors jumped, according to the film crew was said to be having a depth of 40 feet, but the local villagers claimed the depth in that area was more than 80 feet.

There are deep gorges inside the lake running to the depth of even 110 feet, one of the villagers pointed out.

Bengaluru: Around four divers from the NDRF, one of them fitted with an underwater camera too, searched for the bodies for nearly an hour, but as the water was murky with silt deposits and weeds, the visibility was zero after a certain depth, an NDRF official said.

At around 30 feet depth, the lake starts to get dark.