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In 2005, she partook in the Jaza Lorry initiative and met talent manager Emmanuel Banda of Ogopa Deejays Production.

Although Banda tried convincing her to venture into music, Avril remained hesitant at the time.

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Retrograde ejaculation is a condition in which the semen is in the urinary bladder during ejaculation instead of exiting the penis.The layout of homes begins with the oldest family within the clan, moving in a clockwise direction outwards.The Samburu relate this to the structure of a cow; beginning with the head (the first families) moving down the back with houses of families, and finishing with the tail.A Lorora is a clan manyatta, where members of a particular clan amongst the Samburu meet and settle for a short while either for protection during times of tribal fighting or to celebrate rites of passage for its members young and old.A Lorora can have up to 300 houses in it, so many that the women often forget where to find their home and the children get lost in the maze of houses.