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Laura started her music career as the lead singer in Mark Ronson's girl band Summer of Sun at the age of 19.

Back when she was 21, the soulful Mancunian songstress wowed the judges consistently with her silky vocals, but was eventually voted off the 2008 series, later won by Alexandra Burke.

The realist talent & the realist hearts I can turn to.

reports that Laura was spotted with Donnell Turner, which has rumors flying that they could be more than just friends.

"It is my first year at Glastonbury and I am really looking forward to it," said the former Fred Longworth High School pupil.

“Everything has been going really well recently and I have had great support over the years to take me to where I am now.

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I have literally been trying to perfect this method for several months, but the breakthrough came with the production of the 'Link Calendar'.

Continuing, she added that her church staff split in the middle with some turning on the Whites and going to the media.

She maintained that the articles written based on allegations from former church staff were "mostly, totally unfounded" and "lies." The Whites were accused of being all about money and fame.

Just two years earlier in 2002, White had written in her journal: "I'm living heaven on earth. But how do I praise Him when my days turn into weeks and my weeks turn into months and my months turn into years and my years turn into decades? "How do I praise Him under that continual pressure?

Life cannot get any better.""I'm above the struggle and beneath the radar. That kind of pressure wears you out."Listing the numerous trials she went through, White said she experienced a midlife meltdown, compassion fatigue, her friend being falsely accused and sent to prison, a stroke, addiction to the prescription medication she was given following her stroke, and problems in her marriage.