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If your neighbor with benefits happens to be a swinger couple, then you’ve got someone you can talk to about your experiences in the lifestyle.

You can talk about the horrible date you had last night or the party you are going to tomorrow.

Home prices are down and it’s possible you owe more than the house is worth.

Despite having paid your mortgage faithfully, a new loan could be difficult to get.

Chynn also has a dog named Hershey, whom he calls "the block mascot."The neighbor has since moved away but is still on the extensive list that receives a copy of each angry email Chynn sends Sackler whenever something new pisses him off about 33 Cornelia St. we spoke about this over a month ago and you assured me it would be removed and placed on your property. Years of being daily insulted by 33 Cornelia St's Grafitti-strewn facade and overhanging branches spill out in a sprawling howl of grievance.

And while he's sent some good ones in the past, the email Chynn sent out this afternoon should be taught in undergraduate creative writing classes as a study in long-simmering rage brought to a boil. He details how he's been forced to become the de facto landlord, fixing up the property by:b.

Ashoka Mukpo, US Program Associate, and US Program interns Anjali Balasingham, Andrea Barrow, Madeline Gressel, and Kari White provided important research assistance.

Zama Coursen-Neff, acting deputy director of the Children's Rights Division and Janet Walsh, acting director of the Women's Rights Division, reviewed the report. What happened to nine-year-old Jessica Lunsford is every parent's worst nightmare.

From that moment on, we became neighbors with benefits.

Emil William Chynn has perfected the art of LASIK surgery.

And after years of raging against the wealthy owner of a derelict building on his block, he's perfected the angry email screed. Twenty-two seething, OVERLY CAPTALIZED bullet points comprise the 2,700-word epic CC'ed to more than 65 recipients, including the PR department of the , etc.

Or she is sitting home alone, feeling lonely on Wednesday night, and sends you a text message to see if you want to come over.

Either way, you can’t beat the convenience of being 100 feet away.