Meridian sedating and strengthening points

While bio-energy is still unknown to orthodox science, it is an everyday experience of many sensitive individuals.Bio-energies are part of the vast range of etheric energy.The different organs of the body each have their own energetic signatures, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, or TCM.This means that particular habits and emotions negatively affect each organ.Just as electromagnetic energies have a wide range of wavelengths or frequencies, so also have the etheric energies.On one side of their spectrum they border on the electromagnetic spectrum while on the other side they merge into the emotional energies.Spleen qi suffers if you worry, oversympathize with others, study excessively or eat junk food, according to Michael and Lesley Tierra.

Relax, feeling the energy of the earth move up through your legs and pelvis. Feel and imagine a golden yellow light moving up your legs, filling your bodyand radiating out through your belly. Light abdominal massage stimulates the free circulation of spleen qi and eliminates stagnation. As you exhale, massage the abdomen with your palm, moving in a clockwise direction.

A willing participant is generally glad to adopt the second indicator of success: repetition.

It often takes a long time for imbalanced energy patterns to build and they don’t shift in a quick fix.

It is not only at the base of most paranormal or psychic phenomena, but is also the healing agent of many natural therapies.

Homeopathy can only be understood as a bio-energy phenomenon that is why it is so fiercely rejected by conventional medicine.

Meridian sedating and strengthening points