Nintex error updating a list item who is daisy delahoya dating

After exploring a little bit I found out that this error was coming because Nintex workflow runs in the user context of initiator so if the initiator doesn’t have permission to modify list items set field value and update list items actions would fail.

The workflow failed to create the item and gave the following error message: : This issue seems to occur when using the “Create an item”, “Set field value” and “Update an item” actions.As mentioned, the workflow commits at a delay/pause action, a task action or the end of the workflow.So when the “Update list item” action runs, it just registers that it needs to update the item - the item actually updates on commit.Ran across an issue with a Nintex Workflow 2013 when using the “Create an item” action.The workflow runs when a list item is created and creates a document set in another list with metadata from the original item.

Nintex error updating a list item