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It might come in fourth on the list of America's top protein choices, but one day out of the year nothing else will do [source: National Turkey Federation].

Every Thanksgiving Day, chicken, beef and pork all step aside and make room for their poultry compadre, the turkey.

What I find amusing about his 82 is that he said "I think I hit enough shots out there so they knew I basically have a game." Hello! If you had hit shots out there we would have known that you have a game.

These former athletes with too much money and too much free time should stick to playing in Celebrity Tour events.

"To meet someone online with a shared hobby or interest like golf makes introductions a whole lot easier especially as the first face-to-face encounter takes place in a less pressured, more relaxed environment." Janet believes that as a result this is one of the main reasons that TEE fore TWO is thriving.

Indeed the niche website has been bringing together single golfers with great success since its inception at the start of last year and has seen numerous relationships blossoming into long term commitment.

Look at Rick Rhoden, he's a great golfer, but he knows his limits.

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I now tell all my single golfing friends to look up the website. What's more, the site is easy to use, simple to navigate and in comparison to other dating websites is excellent value for money." Another member that is over the moon at meeting her new partner via TEE fore TWO is Annie Matthews*: "Originally I took up golf to improve my social life and then I heard about TEE fore TWO from a friend and liked the sound of it.The advent of Thanksgiving Day is often portrayed by elementary-aged students -- all decked out in mom-made outfits as Pilgrims and Indians -- as a riotous good time between the Wampanoag tribe of Native Americans living near Plymouth Rock and their recently acquired British neighbors in 1621.Although the two groups did share a meal and consequently sign a treaty that lasted more than 50 years, the official national holiday was not decreed until President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed Nov.Galena Rhoades, a psychology professor at the University of Denver. Other sites, like and OKCupid, allow you to winnow your search based on religion, political affiliation, interests, etc."What might make golf a more important match than other activities is the amount of time that it can take up in someone's life. How about someone who has at least a master's degree? Limiting the field of potential dates, however, isn't always the key to finding that perfect person.