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“I was involved in exposing human rights violations as the Ethiopian regime uses mass arrests and mass killings as well as torture and deliberate starvation to punish people.“The thing is, if you are Oromo, you need to prove to the Government that you don’t support the Oromo Liberation Front, which is an opposition party.“It’s a dictatorial, terrorist regime where dissent is not tolerated and there’s no freedom of speech.“I stood against that and, as a result, I received threats from the regime.Economic and development analysis: Perspectives on economics, society, development, freedom & social justice. We are looking for a creative and versatile journalist, with a strong understanding of what makes good digital video and how video is consumed on digital platforms.

The expansion had a profound impact on subsequent historical events occurring in Ethiopia.

On a windy Saturday afternoon at a small Petworth cafe, Taha Tuko orders a round of celebratory macchiatos for three of his countrymen and tells them their 38-year armed struggle for secession from Ethiopia is over — fighters back in Africa have laid down their arms.

The dream of an independent Oromia long cherished by Tuko and other Oromo Ethiopians might never be realized. Both back home and here in Washington.” Washington is home to an estimated 100,000 Ethio­pian immigrants — the largest concentration in the United States — including ethnic Oromos such as Tuko, from central and southern Ethi­o­pia, as well as a half-dozen other ethnic groups, such as the Amharas from the eastern and central highlands and the Tigrayans from the northern highlands.

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