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Because banks only post expenses once per day, repeatedly updating your card in Expensify will not bring in any more transactions, and could cause your automatic updates to be delayed (given we won't automatically update your card overnight if you manually update it during the day). The most common reason is that something about your card changed (online banking username or password, card number, new card issued, etc.).

Sites such as YNAB have also gained a lot of traction.Intuit, the company who originally made Quicken, sold the Quicken product to HIG Capital, a private equity company.Intuit is concentrating on cloud and online services with its popular (and free) website as well as its Quickbooks product for small business. Quicken and Mint, despite having functionality, were never integrated over the seven year period after Intuit acquired Mint in 2009.Quicken has a nasty habit of rearranging their menus every year and even renaming some menu selections, so I can't be more specific on where the import function might be on whatever version you're using.Also note some bank websites may limit the download time span to 60 days or 90 days at a time, in which case you'd need to split the downloads into two contiguous time spans and import both files into Quicken.