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We’ve seen plenty of promising stuff from Woodson and Moss as analysts with NFL Network and Fox respectively, and Hasselbeck has long seemed like a player who has a future in broadcasting.

By contrast, while Carter and Lewis have had some positive moments, they’ve created plenty of negative press and controversies lately, from Carter’s “get yourself a fall guy” comments to rookies to his unfounded speculations on Chandler Jones’ drug usage to Lewis’ incredibly biased analysis and over-the-top criticisms of guys he doesn’t like to his “there’s some things you can cover up” commentary and his involvement in a 2000 murder case (where he pled guilty to obstruction of justice after turning state’s witness).

Lewis won two Super Bowls in Baltimore, all while earning 13 trips to the Pro Bowl and making the All-Pro team 10 times.

The amount of NFL turnover at ESPN this offseason has been staggering, and it looks like that trend is going to continue."We have lost £1.2 million of funding, more than half our budget of £2.1 million," says Lewis, 45. We've got to cut off the supply to gangs, that's why we target at-risk eight-year-olds. To think that everything we've built up since 2002 could go up in smoke."Seven donors have pulled out, run for the hills because apparently I am too leprous. Also the credit crunch took Lehman Brothers, so we lost the £130,000 a year they were giving us. This is what we do, we try to rescue boys from themselves, we try to make our communities safer. The loss to the boys, the schools and the community will be immense."We've taken one hell of a bash here at the academy, and unless we find new funders, we will not survive the next 12 months. Because of claims of financial and sexual misconduct contained in a 10-year-old Church file that were never even put to me to refute or to answer." The file, compiled by the then Bishop of Barking, Roger Sainsbury, led to Lewis being put on the Lambeth List in 1999, a blacklist that prevented him from practising as a pastor for six years.But Lewis says: "There was no letter, no phone call, no hearing, nothing." Can it really be true that the allegations were never subject to any rigorous due process?