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Just to confuse the matter a wee bit - in talking with a business analyst or another non-BI-developer regarding requirements, I use the term Report Filter – when in reality I’m actually implementing a Dataset Filter.With non-developers, I try to use the conceptual terminology rather than the SSRS lingo.A Report Parameter can be associated to a Dataset Filter, or a Report Filter, as shown in the next 2 sections.

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If the execution setting for the item is Live, the parameter metadata returned represents the parameter data that is associated with the specified item.

Basic familiarity with parameters & filters is assumed.

When talking with people, sometimes I notice they refer to parameters synonymously with filters for a report.

A Boolean expression that indicates how the parameter values are to be used.

If set to a value of true, parameter properties that are returned are based on the parameter data that was used during the execution of the report.