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just while surfing the web I get disconnected out of the blue. Similar to here: Now I wanted to try the solution by using Open VPN 2.4 RC1 or RC2. I know I can just use Open VPN GUI with the configs from here but is there way to manually update the Open VPN version used in Eddie? I doubt it has something to do with my ISP or network setup. So it rather looks like the problem is either with the Open VPN version Eddie uses or with Eddie itself. 20 - Shell of 'cmd.exe','/c net start dnscache' done sync in 2109 ms . 20 - DNS of a network adapter forced (TAP-Windows Adapter V9, from automatic ( to I 20 - Flushing DNS . When I use the Open VPN 2.4 RC GUI version with the ,conf from here I have no connection losses. I 20 - Eddie client version: 2.11.9 / windows_x64, System: Windows, Name: Microsoft Windows NT 10.0.14393.0, Mono/. 20 - Reading options from C:\Users\sucke\App Data\Local\Air VPN\Air . 20 - Shell of 'cmd.exe','/c ipconfig /flushdns' done sync in 63 ms . 20 - Shell of 'cmd.exe','/c net stop dnscache' done sync in 5078 ms .

The certitifcates (suffix ‘.crt’) can be exchanged freely and even sent through unsecured channels like email.Hi, I'm using the latest Beta on Win10 and for while now I'm experiencing connection losses with Eddie. I may be a different verbosity setting somehow, or my brain has always just ignored that. I'm not even downloadng anything or have any P2P software installed. See my Open VPN FAQ for additional questions and answers. It’s just my personal answers to my personal questions.) Use ”client-config-dir” and push the IP addresses to a certain client using this line in the client-specific configuration file: statements will just tell Open VPN that this network is supposed to be reached through a VPN tunnel.Network browsing requires WINS to function across a router even in a full AD network.