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Removed BBFW file in the firmware folder of an unzipped IPSW. The device is bootable, if you set the auto-boot to true or use Tiny Umbrella and use "Kick Device out of Recovery". Error -9812 Check system time, reset Internet connection, update root certificates. Due to asr being patched, the SHA signature is automatically changed and after being resigned the kernel will refuse to use it. If necessary kernel patches are not applied, it will fail to load asr and error 9 would occur during restore.Error 3194 commonly occurs when you're trying to update or restore and apple device and this error message appear: "The device could not be restored. Error -5000 - App that has been downloaded that cannot be saved due to permissions of the Mobile application Folder. Error -35 - Downloading Songs that were purchased from i Tunes. Error 18 - Media Library has been corrupted and cannot be updated nor modified. This device isn't eligible for the requested build." This error is caused by an interrupted connection through the update/restore server. Error -9812 - Certificates, System Time, and reset internet connection. Error -1 - Base band is not being updated using Redsn0w or Tiny Umbrella. Using Sn0wbreeze or Pwnage Tool Error 2 - Ramdisk is corrupted or missing. Error 20 - Failed to downgrade from i OS 2.0 to 1.1.1 or 5 Beta to 4.3.3. The App you’ve tried to download in i Tunes couldn’t be saved. -100 Error -50 Delete Storm Video, Quick Time, i Tunes, then reinstall i Tunes. Negative -50xx Error -5000 There is a problem with the permissions of the Mobile Application folder. OR This device isn’t eligible for the requested build Negative -1 …

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Updating restore ramdisk fail pwnagetool