When did cassie and diddy start dating

It’s what many people know her for (beside being Diddy’s…boo? But I would love to see her go really chic and cut that last bit of hair off in the middle of her head and just be bald. Source: Source: Rihanna The first time Ri-Ri tried this look in 2009, it was actually pretty cool.She had a short cut, so it fit the rock-star chic look that she was trying to go for.With such a dark and heavy outfit, we love that she took a more fresh approach with her makeup! I’ve been saying for about a year that the whole, “I’m-going-to-shave-one-side-of-my-hair” look was a mess.

Let’s take a look at the dope ‘dos and debacles of the half-shaved hair fad.

I live my life as me so it’s just like ‘oh that’s my dad.’ But when I tell people sometimes, they’re like, ‘Really?

That’s kind of interesting.’“I knew from like middle school, even elementary school.

TBH, the outfit is just OK for us, but we are ~living~ for her flawless glam!

Kat rocked slick straight hair with a natural bronze color palette on her face, and she looks stunning!