Whos dating winona ryder

But while it seems remembers that romance, most have forgotten that Winona dated another fellow celeb several years back -- an up-and-coming actor named Matt Damon. looks back at what once was between her and mega-star Matt.How They Met: It was none other than Gwyneth Paltrow -- the girlfriend of Matt's BFF Ben Affleck -- who introduced the two in December 1997.Something about the actress draws you in from the outset, making you want to befriend and protect her – both uncomfortable sensations for an interviewer.

According to the National Enquirer Winona has gone off the deep end again.The only thing I actually like about this story is the Johnny Depp backlash. Come to think of it, can Johnny carry a movie if he’s not Captain Jack Sparrow? She stood out in last year and has a couple more high profile gigs lined up. So is this why she’s getting lippy all of a sudden? There’s another Pirates movie coming out so he’s got that to fall back on.I doubt it because, again, I think this story is for shit. The 43-year-old stars in the biopic as Milgram's wife Sasha and Peter Sarsgaard plays Stanley.Stars Taryn Manning, Kellan Lutz, John Leguizamo and Jim Gaffigan likewise make up the impressive cast.